Cross-Country Skiing – Barrie, ON

Winter, O’Winter, oh where have you gone?

My dreams of pond hockey, snowball fights, and outdoor Bonspiels have all been squashed by Mother Nature this winter, but somewhere there had to be a new sport for us to try. That somewhere is above the magic snow line that separates Barrie from the rest of Southern Ontario, and that sport is Cross Country Skiing.

Heading North on the 400, 20 minutes south of Barrie – still not a sign of winter to be found – but then it hits, and suddenly you’re in Frosty’s paradise.
We checked into Hardwood, which was only the beginning of the double entendres, a beautiful facility 15 minutes off the highway that has high-end rentals and seems to draw a great crowd of winter sport enthusiasts. So we bundles ourselves in with the cross-country skiers and snowshoe-ers and found our way to the rental booth.

With a quick thirty minute lesson, the sport is easy to pick up, and falls in line with swimming in terms of a low-impact activity with amazing cardiovascular benefits. Not only that, but it’s naturally the first step to a winter biathlon…