Jai Alai – Ft Lauderdale, FL

This episode took longer to edit than Avatar, but a lot was learned.

The important thing here is that we played jai alai, so now both that, and “get scanned by an 3d x-ray scanner” are off the bucket list.

Jai alai, the “world’s fastest sport”, maintains its professional ranks in large part to gambling, and is only available in very limited areas of the world (Miami pretty well covers it for North American locations). We took it in at Dania Jai Alai, and much like horse or greyhound racing, fans can pack the arena and place bets on top finishers in the nightly tournaments. While many may frown at the gambling aspect of it – with a little self-control, it’s a really great way to take in a unique professional sport and keep things affordable – who knows, you may even turn a profit.

The facilities were great, the staff were amazing in accomdating us, and the pros put on a fantastic show of athleticism in the evening. Getting the chance to play this sport gave me a huge appreciation for the talent on display that evening. While I think our group did a great job picking it up, we stumbled at almost every area. Learning to throw and catch with the “sesta” on our hands was like learning to walk again: I knew what I wanted to do, but my limbs disagreed.

Enjoy the video, and remember kids – you can’t turn a filming camera sideways.

Safety Tips from Safety Jamie

Fastest sport in the world + no facial or body protection + a round rock. At least there’s no Bludgers.