Snowboard and Bag Jump – Ajax, ON

Sometimes our lives take us to unexpected places. Sometimes we get a little busy, or maybe fall behind on some obligations. Sometimes we film something incredible, and then sit on that footage for a year before deciding to edit it like we’re supposed to. These things happen.

The wait is worth it in this case and I hope I am getting this to you with enough time left in this snowy, snowy season to head to Dagmar and safely fly through the air, pull off something beautiful, and not worry at all about how you’re going to land.

It’s that last bit, “landing” that presents such a big obstacle for so many of us when we contemplate taking on high flying acrobatics. Who hasn’t watched the X-games and thought, “you know what, Shaun White’s alright, but I bet I could fly off a ramp at high speeds and spin around too, if only I knew that the hand of an angel would come, catch me, and set me gentle back down upon the earth”? We’ve all said it.

Now, that angel is here, and she calls herself the bag jump, and provided you know enough to nail the “down-the-hill, off-the-ramp, through-the-air” part of the equation, she’ll take care of the landing.