Stunt Driving with Wings and Slicks – Mosport Race Track

A chilly, overcast June morning.  Hans Wolter, who runs the Wings and Slicks Program, had called me up to invite me out to come film his new stunt driving program at Mosport.

I’d previously filmed the Formula car racing with Hans, and if the excitement of that experience was to be any indication – I’d be foolish to take a pass on today’s Stunt Driving Lesson.

The whole experience only takes a morning or an afternoon. Gone are the unimportant hours in classrooms with drivers burying their noses in books. This school is about getting the  adrenaline junkies in the cars and on the track – at least until momentum takes over and they slide off the pavement.

There’s about 20 minutes in a classroom, and then the drivers take turns, one at time climbing into the driver’s seat while an instructor sits in the passenger seat.  Round and round you go, trying to control a continuous slide while only touching the gas – increase the throttle and you spin wide, ease up on it and you’ll com find yourself whipping your tail end around.  It’s a delicate balancing game, and it’s only step one of the day’s lessons.

After that, it’s on to the power moves, J-turns, 180’s, and I even saw a couple of 360’s get pulled – I’ll assume they were all intentional.

Wings and Slicks now operates its Stunt School primarily out of the Mosport location, and it’s Formula racing experience is now located at Deer Hurst (though the whole operation can mobilize).  Ring them up and ask for Hans – you can never have too many friends willing to let you spin out in their BMW’s.