Velodrome Cycling – Burnaby, BC

Forty-eight degrees.

I don’t work well with numbers, but that doesn’t sound so bad. There’s a lot of things I’d tackle on a forty-eight degree slope.
Ski hills, golf courses, probably even a child’s roller coaster.

But for some reason when you walk into the Burnaby velodrome and see the angle on the walls that you’re expected to ride a bike around – the concept of forty-eight degrees gets adjusted in your head.

The learning curve is gradual, and like most sports – it’s completely realistic. You move up in very specific, manageable steps. But there is still a moment when you question your understanding of physics as you prepare to roll-side ways on a bike and use the scientific principle of momentum to keep you alive and well.
After you survive the first turn, the question quickly goes from “will I make it through this turn?” to “How fast can I make it through this turn!”

Check out the Burnaby Velodrome club, or your local indoor cycling association to find a place to ride near you.