Year One

In paying close attention to the odd habits of humanity, I’ve noticed that a great many of us enjoy celebrating the existence of things every 52 weeks. I am not going to be the one website on the internet that throws away such a long-standing tradition, and so without further ado, I present to you a reflection back on my first year as a Gymineer:

The idea of gymineering has come a long way since it first started out inside a young man’s brain as a quest for a new form of competition. As I’ve had more and more people join me on adventures, the concept has slowly morphed from having an end goal of finding my favourite sport into something entirely about the process – the journey of experiencing so many different people’s passions and activities.

If there were ever any fears regarding there being a finite number of sports, those worries left my mind long ago. I could be doing this when I am 80 and not have found all the ways that humans have invented to have fun, compete, exercise and train. A greater concern for me has become the struggle to find the time to showcase some of my most cherished events. The fall season is undoubtedly here now, and as I look back on the summer I shake my head in disbelief that this was the first year since 2005 where I did not host the annual Pool Volleyball World Championship. What sort of monster have I become?

In the last year I’ve entrusted my life to some ropes dangling across a gorge, jumped into the middle of a white water river, been shot in the face and groin (with paintballs), been towed behind a jet ski, and ridden a never ending wave – and still the biggest gut-check of them all comes every time I have to climb into a car that my friend Paul is driving.

I’ve been lost in the forests of Northumberland, the city of Toronto, and the frozen trails of Haliburton. I’ve scavenged my way across the big city, climbed the CN Tower and delivered a baby horse. I’ve flown a plane… ahh, you know what? It’s all in the video. Enjoy, and come gymineering sometime. Seriously, there’s a lot for you to be doing out there. Thanks for reading.